Matt McLean

Web Developer & Project Lead

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Inspired by science fiction and the staggering rate of invention leading into the Internet age, Matt became interested in technology during childhood. He grew up playing video games and watching special effects become more and more impressive; he built websites around his interests; and he taught himself how to use image editing and 3D software packages. After earning an undergraduate degree in Engineering Technology, he worked as a Computer-Aided Design Technician in the automotive industry before pursuing a graduate degree. Still captivated by narratives of technology helping humanity unite and create a better world, Matt joined the Entertainment Technology program at Carnegie Mellon University, which opened the doors to contributing on a wide variety of video game and web development projects.

Meaningful interactive experiences encourage us to reflect on both our inner selves and our place in the world.

Matt’s work as a project manager is informed by exploring the many facets of creating interactive media. This continual exploration has helped him nurture skills in photography, making 2D and 3D art, and web design and development. In learning about these fields through experience, he has gained an empathy and understanding for all disciplines, making him a more knowledgeable and effective manager. He wholeheartedly believes that technology allows us to have and share amazing experiences that would not be possible otherwise.

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