Drawing was once my favorite pasttime, and like most of my hobbies, I eventually found a way to digitize it. Being proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator not only comes in handy at work; I’ve also created print collateral for local organizations and a contest-winning t-shirt design.



Print Work

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Mt. Tam Astronomy Programs

Mt. Tam Astronomy Programs logo

Mt. Tam Astronomy Programs is a local organization that holds free science lectures and stargazing at the amphitheater on Mt. Tamalpais. When they put a call out to volunteers for a new logo, this was my response. I made the sweeping amphitheater steps a central element along with a stylization of the Mt. Tam ridge line, and used a subtle gradient as an expression of the transition between day and night. The oval form evokes a speech balloon shape in a nod to the lectures.