Matt McLean Photography
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step stairs reflected in a puddle at sunset
aurora above icelandic guesthouse
sea stacks pummeled by the surf on a black sand beach
blue river dividing a green, mossy landscape
sunlight spiilling down on a spit of land during a rain storm
glacial moraine in fog
sunset lighting up a distant mountain
large waterfall plunging over the edge
mountains reflected in fjord
waterfall plunging over the edge and surrounded by gentle hills
panoramic view of an icelandic valley
Hekla Layers by Matt McLean
a fissure in the earth releasing steam
wildflowers and grasses near a marsh
a solitary mountain on the coast
river winding through a green valley
wooden steps leading to a marshy area in a fjord
road leading to mountains with dramatic clouds overhead
hiking trail leading to a mountain
ice sheet stretching toward distant mountains
water cascading over terraced lava rocks
terraced waterfall at canyon mouth
sea rocks and grass exposed by low tide