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Matt has been a hobbyist photographer for over ten years. Over that time, he has developed a traditional composition style that rewards a deeper look into the image. His photographs emphasize layer, depth, and scale – qualities best observed in his landscapes. He enjoys the complete process from scouting a location and planning a shoot to pressing the shutter, processing, and sharing the final product. Matt’s philosophy is to share the scene as it appears in memory. The result is a visual documentation of his experiences.
If you’re interested in prints of Matt’s photographs, please consider contacting him. He’ll happily work with you so you have something great to hang on your wall.

It is my intention to present … intuitive observations of the natural world which may have meaning to the spectators.
— Ansel Adams

A Touch of Autumn
Stone and Tree
Sunlit Fog
Muir Beach Sunset
Dawn Labyrinth
Light Flood
Storm Passes
Coastal Ray
Bolinas Curves
Wine Country
Sky On Fire
Painted Dunes
Forest Fog
Haleakalā Sunset
Natural Frame
Ribbon of Light
Mists of Marin
Oregon Vineyard Row
Old Gate
Morning at Ka’anapali
Quiet Dawn
Turtle Rock
Lucas Valley
Moss Terrace
Alpine Meadows Peak