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Each web development project I take on is a new challenge that brings me down paths both familiar and new. Completing these projects – whether working with a client, or making something for myself – always leaves me with a new respect for the work and the creative process.

Explore CA NPS
Marvelous Cards
Katelyn Mueller
Community Psychiatry
Novato Tomorrow

Explore California National Parks

SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, VueJS, Javascript, Webpack

The National Park Service API offered an opportunity to combine my love of national parks and protected natural spaces with my first single-page app. I limited the scope of the project to the state of California, where I live, as a way of showcasing the amazing places that are accessible to the public. Of all the information available from the API, I chose basic park information along with park alerts and seasonal conditions.

I worked with the Google Maps API to better show the parks in relation to eachother, and integrating with the OpenWeather API to show the weather forecast further increased the usefulness of the app as a planning tool.

Completing this project had the additional benefit of improving my own understanding of the state’s national parks and monuments!

Explore California National Parks single page app mockup

Explore California National Parks single-page app screenshot

Quentin Thomas Associates Website

CLIENT: Quentin Thomas Associates, Inc.
SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp, PHP, WordPress

The latest version of the QTA website was designed by their in-house creative. I worked with them directly to realize their vision using a bespoke WordPress theme. I gave special consideration to making it easy for employees to add and remove content. The design emphasizes high-quality photography and showcases the company’s lighting design work.

quentin thomas associates website displayed on various devices

Marvelous Cards

SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript

At the height of popularity for the Marvel movies and television shows, I fondly recalled the superhero trading cards I successfully bugged my parents to buy me in the ’90s. Scanning the cards was the easy part of this hobby project. To display them on the web, I customized a Tumblr theme, and made sure to include my memories and current-day impressions for each entry.

Marvelous Cards website mockup


CLIENT: Jerry Belich
SKILLS: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

When I heard that Jerry Belich, inventor of the Choosatron, was ready for a visual refresh and needed more editable functionality on his WordPress site, I jumped at the chance to design and build a custom WordPress theme to fit his needs. The design incorporates material design principles and bold accent colors while being fully responsive.

Jerrytron website mockup

Katelyn Mueller Website

CLIENT: Katelyn Mueller
SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp, PHP, WordPress

Katelyn needed a simple, clean web presence that she could update easily. I built a custom theme in WordPress that showcases her projects and the brands she’s worked with.

Katelyn Mueller Audio Producer website mockup

Community Psychiatry Website

CLIENT: Community Psychiatry
SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp, PHP, WordPress

I was proud to contribute to Community Psychiatry’s mission of connecting people with mental health providers by building this website (which was designed and continues to be maintained with care by the team at Kiosk). The site features a flexible “panel builder”-style content editing system and a custom integration with the Google Maps API to assist visitors in finding providers near them.

Community Psychiatry website mockup

City of Novato General Plan Website

CLIENT: City of Novato
SKILLS: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Gulp, PHP, WordPress

The General Plan is an official city document that meets State law requirements for identifying goals and polices that guide and direct the development of the City, the use of its resources, and the applications of its programs.

While the City was considering the latest revision to the General Plan, this website was created as a public-facing resource. I relied on custom taxonomies in WordPress to define the relationships between chapters, goals and policies of the General Plan, allowing them to be well-organized and properly filterable.

Novato Tomorrow website mockup